Programs & Requests


Everlasting memorial fund and prayers at holy sites

Keren Kayemes serves the needs and wants of individuals who wish to immortalize their own memory or that of a loved one. In the Holy Land, lofty, devout yidden learn mishnayos, recite kaddish and yizkor, and perform a number of other holy activities on behalf of those souls eternally inscribed in our memorial register.

These services are carried out by minyanim of scholars during the fist year after a member’s passing as well as on all future yahrtzeits. Never once have the services been interrupted in over 150 years since the establishment of our Keren Kayemes. $300, $600 and $1,200 plans available


Daily sponsorship of Kolel Chibas Jerusalem’s holy efforts.

Tomech T’midi is a popular program that’s warmly embraced by countless Jews all over the world. It presents an amazing opportunity for you to become an active partner in the many chesed efforts of Kolel Chibas Jerusalem – in memory of a loved one, for a blessing in time for a family simcha, or as a z’chus in any matter.

Sign up with any major credit/debit card, and specify which month or months you wish to sponsor. On the first day of your month(s), our system securely charges your card for $30. That’s right: Sponsor a full month for just $30. That’s just $1 a day.


From Reb Meir’s resting place to others’ all over Israel

Eloko d’Meir aneini, God of Meir, answer me. These are the words we all whisper in any location and in any situation. And for those who wish to connect directly to the holy tanna Reb Meir and appeal to the source of all these blessings, Chibas Jerusalem o ers to have a minyan visit the actual site of Reb Meir’s kever.

For just $180, 10 erliche yidden will pray for the health and wellbeing of your entire family, and be mazkir your names as well as all your personal requests. Our pious, devout scholars also pray at the holy sites of many other tzadikim buried in Israel.


Charity collection program for the younger generation

Our Junior Gabbai program encourages and motivates children to partake in the holy efforts of Chibas Jerusalem from an early age. Those joining as Junior Gabbais learn the importance of charity and come to appreciate the great responsibility we all share to help those in Israel who are less fortunate than us.

Every gabbai receives his own soft charity bag and special gabbai badge! Junior Gabbais then make the rounds on Friday before candle lighting among neighbors and friends, and play a critical role in fundraising for the charity of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness Kolel Chibas Jerusalem.